Our wild caught prawns come from Australia’s largest and most valuable prawn fishery, the Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF).

Occupying an area of 771,000 square kilometres off Australia’s northern coast, the NPF catches banana and tiger prawns using otter trawling methods, and has been recently recognised by the United Nations as a global model for sustainable fisheries management.

We fish two seasons throughout a year. First being the banana season. This spans from the start of April and usually finishes at the start of June. The NPF fleet use light aircraft to target fish banana prawns. When these active mud boils are found by air, the spotters radio coordinates to the vessel which then head in to sound the area and find a mark to shoot. This method of target fishing has minimum impact on sea beds, sea grasses and by products, as most banana prawn marks are no bigger than tennis courts. The skipper may only hit the mark twice before letting it resettle to hit it again. The amount of trawl effort needed to catch this school prawn is very little.

The tiger season is the second season for the year in the NPF, it spans from the start of august and usually finishes towards the end of November. During this season the fleet will only trawl through the night as tiger prawns are nocturnal. During these trawls TED's (turtle excluding device), and BRD's (by catch reduction device), are used on each net. These have been proven highly successful in the catch and release of turtle, dolphin, and sharks by CSIRO and by catch observers from AFMA.

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